Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Goodbye P. Godspeed.

Well the P of ODP is leaving tomorrow for her two month expedition. My amazing and wonderful friend Sarah, aka Crazy Rower #2, is taking off for a second attempt to row the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat. She and our other friend Crazy Rower #2, both from Phoenix are joining two other foreign women in a four person rowboat team called Unfinished Business to compete in a race from the Canary Islands to Antigua. I have so much admiration for both of the Crazy Rowers since I know that their last attempt ended in a very dangerous capsize and 16 hour rescue in the middle of the Atlantic. Video of this below. I met them both when they decided to come out for the club rugby team in Scottsdale and we quickly realized that anyone willing to row across an ocean at 21 years of age, will probably be good rugger. I later got to appreciate all of Sarah's talents as an adventurer who always finds a way during our many trips backpacking through various locales and the creation of our adventure racing team Team ODP. Believe me if anyone can make it across an ocean, its these women. Unfinished Business's website can be found at www.rowformeningitis.com. They will be blogging there periodically throughout the race. You can also follow along on the official race website located at www.atlanticrowingrace2007.co.uk.

Anyway, here's to great weather, fast currents in the right direction, lack of sharks, teamwork, and celebrating Christmas on the Atlantic. See you back in Phoenix by end of January Sarah. ODP will miss you P (Sarah), but since O (me) is lacking an ACL, you've got some time.

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Sarah said...

Thanks O! See ya in January!!