Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Why we are [not] cool.

Since I am having mental block-o-blog, I am going to cheat and blog in the form of a list. Lists are great because they generate topics of randomness that allow for rambling and derisive humor. Excellent. Commence.

Reasons why Tom and I are nerds. Wow this one is easy. We totally are.

#5 - We both shop at Target. For everything. Especially for our clothes, which are not emo or hipster at all.
#4- Our DVR has more Jeopardy and Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on it than any other show. In fact it's probably a 4:1 quiz show to regular show ratio. Seriously.
#3 - We own four computers between the two of us, two of which we built ourselves. I create my own blog profiles which includes editing the actual HTML & CSS while Tom pulls out his voltmeters and safety goggles to change a light bulb.
#2 - We regularly fall asleep on weekend evenings at god awful early hours. Hey back off, we are married now. Big day tomorrow, Home Depot, maybe Bed Bath & Beyond, don't know if we'll have time.*
#1 - We are both engi-nerds, so nerdiness is actually inherent in our genetic make-up. We never stood a chance. We also love Office Space. Best.. Movie.. Ever..

Reasons why even though Tom and I are nerds, we are actually really really cool. Much harder.

#5 - We don't play video games. Tom used to before I explained to him how nerdy it is. Disclaimer: I would totally play the Wii if I had one because those are just awesome.
#4 - We ride bikes a lot. Hmm this may not belong on this list. We play ultimate frisbee. Still not helping. Camping? Hiking? Rock climbing? Adventure racing? Are any of these things cool? Okay, how about our rock band? That's cool. Except we aren't in one. But we totally listen to them.
#3 - We are really good at flip cup and corn hole. Confused? Guess you aren't cool enough.
#2 - We are the world's worst best dancers. Totally true.
#1 - We are both graduates from the coolest University on the planet: THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY. Not the smartest people, but the coolest.

*Paraphrased quote from one of the most funny movies of all time, Old School.

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megan said...

you have the greatest sense of humor. i love you!