Monday, April 28, 2008

Chasing Down a Dream

You ever get an idea in your head of something you want to do, and then the more you find out about it and the more you think about it, the more you are dying to do it. Then all of a sudden you realize that you would do anything for this dream to come true and you don't know what you will do if it doesn't?

Yeah, me too.

I am DYING for my dream to come true. Every forward step I take towards making it happen makes me want it so much more. I can physically taste the sweetness of achieving it and the sour feeling of failure.

What were you thinking about? I hope everyone had a dream that came to mind.

I have decided to pursue my dream, like with everything I have. This change, if it happens, from an engineer to a doctor of some sorts, will be life altering. I have committed 100% to getting accepted to a PA (Physician's Assistant) program in 2009 and am spending countless time, money, and effort in order to give myself the best chance I have of getting in. Average acceptance rates are somewhere around winning the lottery or getting struck by lightening. It makes it very scary to blog about it because I am cementing myself as a failure if I don't get in, since you all know about it.

But if you never go for it, if you never try... I think that is the true failure.

I shadowed a PA recently at my orthopedic clinic and it was awesome. The love that is passed from patient to doctor and back is amazing. To help an old women in tears, to take away her was beautiful. To listen to the story of a women who was in a Jewish Work camp in Germany for 12 years talk about how needles don't scare her, because nothing was inspiring. To meet with a young man, who is one breath away from getting into the fire department, if he can only fix his shoulder enough to pass a was exciting.

So whatever your dream may be, (big or small, easy or impossible), don't spend your whole life wondering what could have been, because I have realized that sometimes just trying will change your life for the better.


Crazy Rower #2 said...

Good for you killer! I'm very excited for you and obviously know what it's like to pursue, fail, and then finally succeed in a huge dream. Having a passion and pursuing it with all of your heart really does change your life, in the most amazing, inspiring way. I'm here for ya every step of the way!


Thanks for that post girl!