Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Damn the [DPS] Man!

I am so sad.
They took away my hole in the fence / portal to a free adventure. Wahhhhh.

I rushed home last night so that I could take a long ride on the Ak Chin Reservation, my first dirt path ride. Grabbed the bike, a bottle of water and my mp3 player and was off. I have spoken before of my excitement of finding a hole cut in the fence 1/2 from my house which allowed me unlimited access to miles of dirt road and deserted desert riding. I ride a lot on this patch of ugly beautiful desert and actually really enjoy the solitude.

Well, the hole in the fence is now just a fence. I am really hoping the vandals come back through and cut a new one. Do we have a wire cutter honey? Just curious.

Well after swallowing my disappointment, I figured that I couldn't let the man get me down. So I rode down the road, through the mall and hit another road that parallels the rez. Sure enough, I found an area of construction that allowed me back onto the rez. Yeah! It is a much crappier ride to get to it (hello, it involves riding through a mall...yuck), but it is still doable.

So I spent about 1.5 hours on the bike last night with some uneven ground and a little handling required. It felt good and I finished hungry but not that tired. I have more PT today where I get to pretend that the 10 minutes on the stationary bike is challenging & exciting. Do you think my PT would catch on to my secret of road riding if I road my bike there?

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Gary Robbins said...

You should show up on your bike, wearing full bike gear, completely covered in sweat...and sporting a racing bib number! That might really freak em out!!