Friday, April 11, 2008

Thank God Its Friday

Thank. God. Its Over.

This was a week from hell. A great way to start off a terrible week is by going away all weekend, getting back at midnight on Sunday night and having a 7am meeting on Monday morning. Lets just say that between 40 hours of work, three therapy sessions, a research paper, 8 pages of homework, three quizzes, and a test over the brain, nerves, muscles and the entire nervous system, I am fried. I think I have slept about 22 hours this week total, and have not really gotten to work out as much I like, which makes me cranky.

But its the weekend now and I am going to drink a beer, relax and go for a hike/bike tomorrow hopefully. In other exciting news, I just received my new Olympus Stylus 790 cam to replace the other one that I lost. I told you I have a problem. It's actually a vortex in my house that sucks up things and never spits them back out. Finally I will be able to take pictures again when I don't want to carry my big Sony. Oh we just bought a new garage door which is being installed tomorrow morning. Married life is soooooo exciting. This was an essential purchase though so that someone can't steal Whitey Wrecker. I would cry my eyes out if they took my bike.

And speaking of whining, I cannot believe I did not get a 100 on my freaking anatomy test this time...what a bummer. I was going for 3/3 on that. Apparently the brain is complex.

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