Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Quickie Tripie.

Guess what?

Nope still not that. We are back from a very quick 4000 mile jaunt across the country. Tampa was fun, especially the water in the sky part. Between humidity and rain, every article of clothing in my suitcase, even the ones I didn't wear, smell funky and are wet to the touch.

We did nothing athletic, unless you count wearing heals and dancing as a workout. FYI, it is, me is ti-ti. I won't lie though, the weekend was definitely rough on the knee. Flying always sucks because atmospheric pressure exaggerates swelling. I developed a weird bump over my largest incision that may have a small alien living in it. I am not sure what it is from or why it developed, but it caused a little pain yesterday on a long travel day.

On Friday, we met up with an old friend who I haven't seen in four years. It was great seeing her and meeting her husband and buddies and we may have rocked the Rock Band karaoke bar a little too hard. I swear it was a live version of Guitar Hero, outfits and hair styles included.

Saturday dawned hot and sunny but unfortunately, I had a small headache from unknown origins (right...) so we just hit up the hotel pool until the wedding went down. Tom was a an usher and speaker at the wedding and it was so amusing to watch him read scripture in front a a large group. He did awesome though and engaged the audience like a pro. Sunday before our plane took off, we hit up the beach in a rain storm and then ate some killer non desert seafood.

This post marks the end of wedding season for at least two months thankfully and we can now get back to our regularly scheduled weekend outdoor adventures. I loved living in Tampa (for a summer about 6 years ago), and I definitely miss the GREEN & the WATER. But when we touched down in our dry desert air, Tom and I both felt normal again.

I think this pic is so cute. It shows his usual smirk, right before he LOLs.

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