Wednesday, April 9, 2008


The BSB will have to wait another day. They have already waited 15 years for their big comeback so I think they can wait a little longer.

I have nothing funny nor boring nor entertaining to say today. I am all felt out, other than feeling super tired. I think my brain just exploded and the fallout is burning the cracks of my soul.

Too deep, too morbid, too much? Probably. This is life: the cycle of stress and fun and striving and chilling and pain and joy and love and it never ends, it just goes on and on. I love my life and I actively choose my path, but the down cycle of hard work that is required to get to the upswing is sometimes tiring.

Auditory Therapy: Missy Higgins, James Blunt, and Dameon Rice
Edible Therapy: Coffee & Chocolate

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