Thursday, April 24, 2008

Watch Out for the 87-Year-Olds.

I couldn't keep up with an 87 year old women today. She totally kicked my ass.

I was volunteering at a local hospital in the patient care area, and she was training me for her job that she has been at for 20 some years. Once she had a destination in mind, she would crank on the after burners and be basically running down the hall. Me and my gimp leg would follow behind all the while my PT's voice was running through my head "absolutely no running yet Hannah". It wasn't my fault, great-grandma's training wasn't for weaklings.

She informed me that she was also too busy in her life to sit around bored while volunteering, what with her full social calendar and her golf game. So she kept us moving for four hours. She also basically told all nurses what to do and if she was displeased with them for not putting something back in its place, she let them know. They were all as afraid of great-grandma as I was. I pretty much laughed to myself the whole time at her antics. Some old people rule and she is my hero.

I have my last lab practical tomorrow on the brain, eyes, ears and spinal cord. Just two more weeks of class, aka working every night till 1am. Application time can't come quickly enough. Whitey wrecker is pretty pissed at how much I have been ignoring her lately. But in an update to the dramatic tales of epoxy gone wrong, the garage floor is all done and bangen now. Stay tuned for a picture of the devil that stole our souls.

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