Monday, January 28, 2008

I may have a problem.

Just call me the terminator of talk. The eradicator of electronics. The catastrophic cosmic cell phone crusher. In other words, I break cell phones. There is a reason that I bought a crush proof water proof digital camera. But then I sort of broke it, and now I am not sure if it is completely waterproof anymore (plus I can't find it at the moment! Ughh.). Show me something that can not be broken, and I will show you a way. It is a hard life, being an electronic gadget when your owner is a mountain crasher biker and insists on bringing phones and cameras on trips.

Broke another cell phone this weekend. This is my third phone is about 5 months. I had a Motorola Razor until last summer and let me tell you that phone sucks. I hated it from the moment I got it and due to dropage/bad design, it used to turn off periodically and whitescreen during calls. I finally got fed up and purchased out of pocket a new Sony Ericsson mp3/radio/camera phone. I chose this phone to replace my current mp3 player/radio since the antenna had broken off causing the radio to not work anymore. I loved my new phone and bragged to everyone about it, up until two weeks later when I took it Salt River tubing in a "waterproof" bag and it stopped turning on. Sob. No more new phone for you. So I resurrected the Razor and sucked it up for a couple of more months of irritation, until i felt justified to purchase another new phone out of pocket. BTW, I get a work discount so my out of pocket is way cheaper than the typical out of pocket. Anyway, this time, I decide to go for the gold, the latest version of the Sony Ericsson that I had previously killed, with an upgraded camera, FM radio. mp3 player, and 2GB of memory for storing songs and photos.

Got my new phone a couple of months ago and I have been loving it. Have lots of workout play lists on it, it takes great photos (some of which have appeared on this blog lately, since I can't find my waterproof camera). Then, for no apparent reason, it just dies on Saturday night. Won't charge or turn on. I didn't get it wet this time, and did not step on it or crash on it. I may have dropped it gently onto rocks, but it needs to be able to withstand a little rock action. The good news is, that it is covered under warrantly (as long as they don't think it has too many scratches). So they are sending me another one and I am back using the Razor. With each phone that breaks, I appreciate that old piece of crap Razor just a little more.

I think one of my NY resolutions is to take better care of my stuff. Maybe I will get a cover. I plan to find my camera and make an actual spot for it. And I swear, that my new bike will be like a newborn to me. It will not get neglected or tossed about carelessly over the wall that I am stuck behind. That I will promise.


Susana said...

But how many PURSES and-or WALLETS have you lost, temporarily misplaced, left in taxis in foreign countries? Now THAT would be a great blog entry.

Tom said...

"The Wife" is retarded. I was keeping it a secret...but now she let everyone know.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hear your woes. I was at my friend Katrina's house last week. Her cat went into heat and when we weren't looking she poised herself above my brand new red purse that I got from stef for xmas....Which just happened to be unzipped. Yes, a cat peed in my bag, on all my stuff, and yes, my cell phone. erg. Fortunately, the cell was replaced free of charge by Verizon. Thank you!!


la chaser said...

susana: I have no idea what you are talking about...okay I might. Maybe I will blog about it.

tom: Stupid but hot honey. You learned that trick from your boy, Howard.

mel: Wow, that is unfortunate. Cat pee is the worse. I once borrowed a cat to try and fix a rat problem we had in college and it peed on my couch. I threw out the cushions and tried to sit on pillows but in the end, the couch went out to the dumpster.