Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It runs in the family.

So since I already started the self bashing earlier this week by talking about my cell phone issues, I thought I would complete the picture of my experiences.

You may remember my sister who a little over one week ago, guest blogged about her exciting biking adventures in London and how she planned on turning over a new non lazy leaf with her hubby by biking every weekend. So we usually Skype on Sundays, and this past Sunday I asked her if she did a biking trip that weekend. She starts to laugh and launches into this long story about how they packed this amazing lunch and got all their gear ready to take a biking trip, only to realize that her bike had been stolen. Well she could not understand how someone had stolen her bicycle, had they actually cut through her u-lock? So she took her hubby down to look for it, and she showed him the place she had locked it up and it looked like this...minus the nice little circle thing shown in this photo.
Anyone see the issue? So some enterprising young criminal, had only to lift the bike up and over the pole and ride off, because she also only locked it to her center frame but not her tire. So Sushi was pissed because wifey is an idiot and he proceeded to tell me how "Erma" this all is and how Ribby needs a babysitter. I was laughing the whole time. Erma, btw, is a term in our family for scatterbrained activity. I believe it came from my grandmother who passed the trait on to my mother (and subsequently along to us daughters).

So while I made fun of my sister for this, I have to confess, I have had my share of moments like this (which my new sis-in-law kindly pointed out). Tom has learned to be flexible and not to get too angry, when we need to drive 4 hours back to the ski resort at 2 am because I left my purse at the restaurant (while I proceed to fall asleep). He has also learned to not laugh, when the lady at the Pacific Sunwear chases me down in the mall because I left my wallet there 2 hours ago but didn't realize it, and she saw me walking by. These are both good tales, but these pale in comparison to the one I will tell you next time.

Stay tuned for the tale which goes by the title, "How I Almost Got Stuck in a Third World Country Without Wallet, Passport, Money, Cell Phone or Friends". Go me.

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