Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More awesome nuggets. Cause I can.

Did I mention I love techno? Dance music to be more precise. Love it.

Beep beep. Synthesized twang. Beep beep. Deet deet deet. Other random fast drum sounds. Thatsa whata ima listenen 2. Gets me pumped up to work overtime. Yessirree.

Lucas Prata Radio on Pandora. Mmmm bop. It always makes me want to work out. and not do my TPS reports. I did not get the memo.

Can't wait for this to be me again! Feb 21 baby. Aren't you jealous? These ole pics from my first ACL surgery just give me the warm & fuzzies looking at them. That CPM machine shore was lotsa fun. And I can see the blue cord for my ice machine sticking out from under the blanket. Now dat ice machine was like crack & dat is wack.

Okay enough bad pronunciations and cool misspellings. That is all.


Susana said...

Duuuuuude! Down with the machine!!! Please say that you aren't going to have to be attached to that thing again...that's so, like, 1995! I was off my crutches within a week (or maybe 9 days, I have successfully supressed that part of my life) and my allograft ACL, Louie, is holding up great (although I haven't tested him by playing rugby, though, either)

Jonah said...

Thanks for letting me know what I'm in for - my special lady just tore her acl, too - surgery next friday...

Best to you through your surgery/recovery

la chaser said...

I don't think my new Doc does the CPM actually so maybe I won't be strapped to that contraption again. But I am sure my crack-like dependence on ice will once again occur.