Sunday, January 13, 2008

Countdown to cutting commences.

February 21. My big date with the scalpel has been scheduled. This is also 4 days after my big 24 hour bike race. I would rather have the opportunity to trash my own knee right before the surgeons trash it anyway. I pre-rode the race course yesterday near Oracle, Arizona, and although we got a little lost and did some extra miles (18ish total), I realized that I need to get some more extended time on the bike to prepare. I was pretty tired from the one loop (16 miles total) and I couldn't imagine doing another three or four. So I am going to stop with all the running nonsense and try to start spending at least five nights a week on the bike. Overall though, the course is pretty beginner level, which is probably good for the nighttime laps.

I am soooo ready for the surgery NOW. My knee is getting progressively more sore and it has become an annoying hindrance as it gets sore from everything. Not bad pain, but annoyingly sore. I am trying to do as many fun things as I can before then I will give you a call.

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