Monday, January 7, 2008

Go Bucks!!!!!

If you wish to be my friend, you'd best cheer for the scarlet and gray this evening. Just saying. I mean, how can you not be impressed by a team that is run by a sweater vest. If we lose a third National Championship in 12 months, I might cry. Followed by a deep hole of wallowing self pity that I may never be able to climb out of...sob. Please please please beat LSU you cute little Buckeyes.

That is all.

Best mascot ever... a poisonous nut sent to crush the world.

[Update: BOO HOO]


angel said...

shall i send over a box of kleenex?
Sorry about your bucks, hannah.
next year, eh?

Bill said...

At least they made a bowl appearance. My alma maters haven't done that for years!!

Mike S. said...

they should ban osu from the bcs championship game.