Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Adventure Racing.

Primal Quest has started. I am so addicted to reading about expedition adventure races. I don't have time but I just don't care. More info here. There is also a really cool tracking site that allows you to follow teams real time due to satellite feeds from SPOT devices. My advice, pick a team and start cheering. It seems like the big dog teams are at the front so pick the one's with the best bio to root for.

In other AR news, I will be toeing the line at the annual summer Extreme Heat Coon Bluff adventure race on July 11th. Pretty excited... Now I KNOW I am going to be very slow. And I KNOW that I will not be running down loose mountainsides like last time. But who cares, I am just excited to be doing something! Only problem is, my taper started way too soon in the form of "damn it I have no time to work out...ahhhh crap".

But I figure that I will near my knee brace so that everyone knows I am a gimp and doesn't wonder why that athletic looking chick is so freaking slow. By the way I got a new even more bionic knee brace which is meant for "bikers" so that means I really committed myself to the to the sport. Hah. A thousand dollar commitment (thanks insurance) means nothing in the biking world...did you know bikes cost a lot?

Well off to ride in the 113 degree balmy evening. This Tuesday is my only night off for two weeks so I am pretty pumped to get to ride.


Bill said...

Good luck with that race. I'm passing on adventure racing to concentrate on long distance mountain bike epics. Got to train for Flag GC ride in early August, and for a few fall 24 hour events. Going to Zion over the 4th of July to do four technical canyons. I felt like an elitist passing through Moab on the way to Fruita. My buddy and I remarked that, hey 'been there done that' twice each in Moab, so the really cool mountain bikers (that is us)were heading to Fruita. That place is awesome. I will be back there next year for sure. Next mountain bike destination I want to visit is Park City or Whistler.
I'll be planning some rather extreme canyoneering trips this summer. Mystery and adventure all wrapped in one bundle.

garobbins said...

Good luck in your adventure race!!
PQ is a blast to follow, just make sure you are cheering for the Canadian teams!!

la chaser said...

Bill - I am definitely in for any "extreme canyon" trips. I get the endurance biking thing, I just don't have time to train enough to be good. Someday sometime, I am doing a 24 hr solo.

Gary - Based on cool names alone, go Brain Attack! I have a connection with a racer on Blue and I like to read the blogs of Dart-Nuun and they actually are legitimately vying for the win. Doesn't matter, the videos of the river yesterday were INSANE

Gary Robbins said...

Yeah Dart-Nuun are good friends, so I can accept that, haha!
Aaron Rinn on D-N got sucked under and lost his board yesterday, apparently some pretty crazy stuff. The stuff they threw at us in Utah, in terms of the riverboard section, was pretty mundane compared to this!