Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Trip Home

I was in Ohio over the weekend for a wedding. The weather was great for once and although the trip was unbelievably short, I got a lot of quick visits with friends and family packed into 2.5 days. It was great seeing C & S's new munchkin, a total doll of a newborn, and of course my cute cute nieces and their parents. I spent some time with my grandparents who are getting older and although they are fighters, realistically won't be around forever. I got to hang with some high school homies to watch one of my best bud's marry her longtime boyfriend and I even met up with some college friends for a drink when I passed through CBUS. I also spent some quality time with the rents and the sistas. And saw Tom's parents for a brief ten minute visit at a McDs outside the airport (don't ask). So it was a busy social weekend and sleeping was at a minimum but you can sleep when you die right?

Did I mention that my nieces are cuter than yours? Seriously. They would win the contest every single time.

Exhibit A: Substantiating Evidence

Exhibit B: Further Evidence

Exhibit C: Concluding Evidence

Case is adjourned.

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