Thursday, June 19, 2008

It is already Thursday.

Longest week ever...fpppph...since last week.

Seriously, between three tests, two labs, a million homework items and flying to Oregon and back for a 14 hour day, me is ti-ti/in need of a nice glass of merlot.

The workouts this week were very weak. It's hard to get any sort of real workout crammed into an hour lunch break. I tried to run outside today and I just felt like crap: knee hurt, very hot, feeling burnt out physically. But I do have a super cool bruise the size of a grapefruit on my left quad.

It's a funny story really. See I went for a bike ride last Sunday morning. We started way too late and it was like 9000 degrees out at 9:00 am when we set out on from the Dreamy Draw Park in the Phoenix Mountains. We took a new trail, it went straight up the mountain which ended up being a lot of pushing, and then came straight down the mountain. I am still be a big chicken, so I was doing a lot of yelling as we descended with my butt way behind my seat. Something about loose dirt and rocks with turns marked by big cactus makes me nervous.

Anyway, we reach the bottom successfully (yeah!) and decided for our own sake that we would take the road back to the car because it is blazing hot and my friend was late for something already. We were cruising along the sidewalk when all of the sudden, a big evil trashcan appeared out of nowhere. I swerved around it, but due to the pricker bush sticking out on the other side, I got too close to it and caught my my handle on it, and somehow my bike stayed nicely put while I did not. It was a full-out superman over the handlebars. Sidewalk biking = dangerous.

I did not get hurt at all, other than a nice leg bruise. I always wear my knee brace when biking to keep my knee in it's rightful place. And no I do not do this stuff on purpose., I just have bad luck and I am am clutzy (and forgetful - unrelated). Anyway, I have always liked good looking bruises. My body has been extra bruise free since the end of my rugby days and my blood is all like "really, I am getting tired of just pumping around your pulmonary and systemic circuits already, give me some action!".* So I was just trying to comply.

*I had a test on the heart this week so I am up to date on daily blood voyages.

One last photo from Christopher Creek:

See the tiny person on top of the falls? She is small in general, but really, this unexpected water drop towards the end of Christopher Creek was quite large. Needless to say, we did NOT jump this falls, but instead climbed up to a ridge, traversed across and then scrambled back down. It looks like a sweet place for a rappel though and there was already a secured ring for it.


Keith said...

"Nice glass of Merlot"... Interesting.

Have you seen the movie Sideways?

Anonymous said...

Take care of that knee of yours.