Monday, June 9, 2008

Crazy descends again.

The Crazy is starting again. It was so nice the last two weeks only having to work at my full time job and volunteer one night a week. But tonight I start my second Anatomy & Physiology class which is from 5:30 to 8:30 every Monday and Wednesday. That coupled with working at the hospital on Thursday nights from 4 to 8 pm means that Tuesday is my only night off. Friday afternoon/evening I reserved by my PT at the clinic. But Tuesday isn't really a night off because I am going to have to start traveling to Oregon every other week for work and a back and forth trio in one day means I won't get back until around 8pm. So when am I going to get to ride my bike on any trails in the next two months? Every other Tuesday night I guess. I am going to cry.

I also need to continue with my own PT (especially lifting) because there are still some big strength differentials that I am trying to eliminate. I also just started running which is consists of run on a treadmill as long as I can before the limp begins (1.5 miles yesterday which I was happy with). So I think I will need to start back up with the lunchtime workout routine because really eating is a waste of my time right now. Sigh. Do I sound stressed? I am actually not at the present moment, it is like the calm before the storm.

My honey gave me a big hug last night and told me that he is behind me in this whole thing and that don't worry, he will cook me food and care for me. And I know he will because he is the best guy in the whole world and I could not do this without him.

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