Thursday, June 12, 2008


So I know that I should be doing my lab homework and studying for my anatomy test next week on three chapters I haven't even read yet, but I just discovered Netflix OnDemand and some thing will just have to wait. You can watch movies on your computer at high quality in unlimited amounts of our cheapo $7.99 a month package. And the best part, they are ON DEMAND, what more do you need. I demand, they give. It's great.

Then I realized that they had a movie called Hardihood available for ON DEMAND viewing which I have been wanting to check out all about women's pro downhillers. So of course, I started watching that and stopped doing homework. And because I love quirky documentaries and I love biking, it is no shocker that I loved this movie.

Umm I don't think I could ever be a real downhiller, they are half crazy and all seem very ripped. I just want to be able to tackle most cross-country technical. But damn, I think I need to go check out a race sometime. They rode down stuff that was impossible to walk down. And the wipeouts, eh. I need a lesson in hardening up. Makes my puny endos and slideouts look like child's play.


Bill said...

Harden up there, girl. I've fallen on my recently separated shoulder about three times. Glad it has held together. Take some falls biking, it is good for you. Remember to tuck and roll. Push it.

la chaser said...

I am trying to limit the falls for the meantime...landing on my knee would be bad. So I am developing bad habits such as putting my hand down. I really don't need a collarbone/wrist injury right about now. I have fallen a couple times pretty stupidly and managed to be okay, but it is just not worth it 3.5 months out from major knee surgery. I want flip the throttle, but I have some major goals for the next 6 months and not all of them fall into the category of crazy athletic endeavors (just about 2/3s of them).

Take care Bill. I am beginning to think biking is much more dangerous than climbing for you :)

Bill said...

Mountain biking has been more dangerous for me. In 25 years climbing, I never broke a bone or separated anything. Yes, lots of very badly sprained ankles and ankle ligements. In mountain biking 3 years: broken hand; two broken ribs and a grade to shoulder separation, and knee therapy. Shheeesh!

This sounds crazy, but go to a nice grassy place and practice doing a tuck and roll. Do it at a slow speed and just focus on that. If I didn't do a tuck and roll at the 24 HOP, I would have had a broken wrist, arm and clavicle for sure.

Crazy Rower #2 said...

I say take it easy, killer. ODP needs you back and healthy, and the sooner the better. You're just starting to get back to it, and it would be awful (for all of us!) if you reinjured yourself just as you were getting back in the game!