Friday, June 27, 2008

Altitude Aspirations

Yo. How you doin [head nod]?

Fridayyyyy. Mucho intellectual suffering this week (very little physical unfortunately)... but it is the weekend now and that means I get released from my cage and get to go fly around for awhile.

I am very excited that the weekend is here because tomorrow we are going to climb Humphreys Peak. For us lowlanders, ascending from the 1200 foot above sea level in Phoenix to 12,300 foot summit of Humphreys is an exciting challenge indeed. Humphreys is the highest peak in Arizona and I am told still has snow patches on the top.

I am doing a research paper on altitude sickness for my anatomy class right now and I am interested to see the effect that it has on us. A 11,300 foot rise in 5 hours (2 hrs drive, 3 or 4 climbing the 4k foot trail) is guaranteed to give us headaches, dizziness, etc. Very cool. Let the real anatomy lab/research in action begin!

I will bring my GPS and plan to record changes in my body for every 1000 feet we ascend. The things I am forced to do in the name of science and getting an A...I tell ya.

Well kiddies, gotta run. Physical therapy on tap for this afternoon.

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