Sunday, June 22, 2008


So I am really looking forward Thursday when temperatures will dip back into the balmy 108 degree range. This 115 degree stuff is killing me. Joking, I love it. Joking again. I am also really excited about that one day of "partly cloudy" next Saturday... oh wait, it will still be 112 so never mind.

Seriously though, it is beyond hot for June. We were ten degrees above normal for this whole week as you can see by the 10 day forecast below, we are going to remain hot for indefinitely. We call shall call it global deep frying.

I rode my bike for about an hour at 6:30 pm tonight, but weirdly enough, even though it was probably easily well over 110, I just felt a little dry but not hot. You don't even feel sweat at these temps, just some thirst and a little queasy. I think that sometime I might just keel over and not see it coming. So now is when I most need to be independently wealthy so I could move to my summer home in Colorado and laugh at all the poor Phoenicians who are stuck working in the hot hot city.

Phoenix Ten Day Forecast:

Jun 23
Sunny 112°/78°
Jun 24
Sunny 111°/78°
Jun 25
Mostly Sunny 109°/76°
Jun 26
Sunny 108°/78°
Jun 27
Sunny 111°/81°
Jun 28
Partly Cloudy 112°/81°
Jun 29
Sunny 111°/80°
Jun 30
Sunny 110°/80°
Jul 01
Sunny 109°/80°

I have another killer week coming up with 4 tests, a gazillion homework assignments and some stressful work stuff. Wake me up next weekend from my self loathing induced coma. At least I got to float down a river on Saturday. It was nice. And hot.


Angel (aka D of Team ODP) said...

haha...the forcast pics look like little eggs frying, which is a perfect description of a summer day in the valley. the only thing better i can think of is if they showd pics of little people catching on fire.
ahh, that which does not kill us...

chris thomas said...

funny, I don't hear tom bragging about the weather now. Inform your husband, that a door-to-door activist came a knocking tonight on leaview dr. I of course signed up, with tommy stu's info. your welcome.

Bill said...

I like riding when it is 112 degrees...cuz there aren't many people on the trails and I've got them all to myself. Helps for sweating out all those toxins!